4 Beautiful Casino Architectures From Around The World

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Casino fans have always been fascinated by both the exterior and interior of land-based casino venues. It’s not only that these locations usually shine with glamour and sophistication, but they are also landmarks of the most unique and mysterious entertainment in the world. 

It is a dream for many enthusiasts to visit the most famous casino locations around the world at least once in their lifetime. Some even plan their trips while searching for the new online casino or while using the Casino.com welcome bonus to play their favorite online games. Eventually, many do manage to go and visit these extraordinary buildings. And in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most beautiful casino architectures that you must visit if you have the opportunity to do so. 

Venetian Macau

Even though the original version of the Venetian is in Las Vegas, its Macau successor has been one of the leading attractions in this part of the world for some time. Venetian Macau is way bigger than the original one, and according to many, better in many ways.

Similar to the one in Las Vegas, the architecture of Venetian Macau was inspired by Venice. It even has canals that visitors can look up close from gondolas.

This brick-and-mortar casino is a true wonder of architecture and something that you shouldn’t miss if you ever visit Macau. 

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Those trying to experience the most luxurious and lavish side of playing in a casino should put Casino de Monte-Carlo on their must-visit list. However, players should know that a visit to this casino isn’t a budget-friendly tour and that they should prepare a complete suit or dress if they want to play at one of the tables in Casino de Monte-Carlo. But, every penny spent at this location will be completely worth it, because those who do visit it get to enjoy the best architecture that is influenced by the Belle Epoque. Fascinating murals, marble columns, and arching fountains are just part of the glamour of the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Caesars Palace

Perhaps one of the most televised and most popular casinos across the world is Caesars Palace. Even though there have been many other casinos in Las Vegas that were built after Caesars Palace, none managed to match its glory and grandeur. The Ancient Roman theme in the architecture of this casino has made it stand against time, and still be a favorite to many players even after 50 years. 

Wynn Las Vegas

Not many casinos managed to be a real competition to the grand Ceasars Palace. However, Wynn Las Vegas did the impossible. The fairytale interior with an exterior that curves in a breath-taking way, the Wynn Las Vegas is mesmerizing in every way. Its extraordinary architectural design doesn’t only host a casino lounge, but also a hotel and a golf course. The overall aesthetics of the casino is even more emphasized with Wynn Encore, a smaller version of this casino’s main building.