About me

Hi! My name is Jim Campbell and I am absolutely in love with museums, architecture, and history. I love museums because they cherish our historical and cultural heritage. A visit to a museum takes me back in time and gives me a chance to relive the life in different ages. Architecture is my second greatest love because it is something that makes every place unique and tells a lot about its history.

An important milestone on my journey towards more knowledge about museums was the discovery of the work of the Campbell Center, now called the International Preservation Studies Center. This center provides training to people interested in preserving history and culture and it is so special to me because of our shared interests and because my last name is the same as the center’s former name. I have no affiliation to the center, but I admire its work.

What you will be able to read in my blog includes useful and interesting information about museums in different parts of the world and the relationship between technology and museums. My motto is ‘Museums in a Digital World’ and I will do my best to discuss how digitization and the internet affect museums.