Find out how museums stand out on social media

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Recently, some museum brands have become well-known all around the world. This is due to their popularity rising through the clever use of social media. Saying “The Smithsonian” or “MoMA” out loud will usually give everyone an idea of what you are talking about and what you mean. All of this is tied to the reputation and history of certain museums. As previously said, it also has a lot to do with how museums create their brands through social media.


If we take a look at the most popular social media today, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and  Tumblr, we can notice that there are some hashtags that stand out more than others or are at least used more commonly. Using hashtags can help make a museum better known to a larger number of people and, this way, increase its popularity.

Most of today’s popular museums gravitate towards expanding through social media since it can give them a head start compared to other museums. However, this implies that there must be a lot of competition among museums on social media. How can a museum make sure to stand out in order to get noticed? You cannot take advantage of promoting a museum on social media if you don’t make an effort and think about some issues.

Easy access

First of all, the ease of access to information about the museum is very important. You should not put your opening hours somewhere where it is too difficult to find. People don’t want to dig for important information too long. If they get bored, they will definitely stop looking and lose interest in visiting the museum.

Easily find what you want

By making all the necessary details a visitor would need easily accessible, you avoid the risk of them leaving because they can’t find what they are searching for. That is the reason why museums make sure they have everything displayed clearly on their social media profiles.

Using hashtags

Using popular hashtags also goes a long way towards getting visitors. By using the most popular hashtags, you can make it easier for museum lovers to find a particular exhibition or artifact.  

Of course, using #museum will help as it is a very popular hashtag. However, there are more hashtags that have risen in popularity recently and can attract more visitors.

A few of those include #AskACurator, #MuseTech, #MuseSocial, #HowDoYouMuseum, #MuseumSelfie.

For example, #AskACurator is one of today’s most engaging hashtags. It is used when people gather together to talk about a specific topic, so the hashtag helps all of the conversations stay in one place. This “event” repeats every September, so this hashtag is a must for all museums that want to be successful on social media.

#MuseTech is used when talking about the revolutionization of modern museums and how they have changed in the near past or are going to in the near future.

If a museum takes into consideration all of the above when trying to expand through social media, then it shouldn’t have too much struggle. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Marketing is not an easy task and there are many more things that could help a museum expand or help you find your new favorite museum.