How to have the best museum trip possible

3 min read

Going on a trip to a museum is an exciting experience that brings new knowledge and broadens your horizons. However, sometimes there can be certain problems that can spoil the experience, such as waiting in long lines. Fortunately, if you follow a few simple pieces of advice, you can avoid difficulties and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Consider buying tickets online in advance

The first piece of advice is to buy a ticket to the museum some time in advance. This way you can make sure that you get hold of a ticket before they sell out. Popular museums or special exhibitions usually attract a lot of visitors and sometimes it is quite hard to get a ticket on the day of the visit.

Buying a ticket earlier is very easy because you can do it on the internet from the comfort of your own home. In this manner, you can avoid the trouble of buying a ticket in a foreign language if you go on a trip to a museum in another country.

Furthermore, you don’t have to waste your precious time waiting in line to get your ticket. In addition, when a museum features a special exhibition, the usual price of the ticket may increase and you certainly don’t want to have an unpleasant surprise after having waited for a long time. Buying a ticket online saves you all this potential trouble.

Find out when a museum offers discounted ticket prices or free entry

If you are on a tight budget or you don’t want to spend too much money on your visit to a museum, you should check out when the museum offers a discount on the ticket or free entry. Nowadays, a lot of popular and large museums choose some days when a visit is completely free of charge or the ticket is heavily discounted. In many cases, this is done on weekdays and in the evening, which may not fit your schedule in the best possible way, but it can also happen on weekends.  

Try avoiding busy days and crowds whenever possible

Another thing you should consider is avoiding the most popular times when the highest number of visitors is likely to go to the museum you want to visit. Usually, museums are the most crowded on the weekend and some public holidays since that is when most people have free time to do enjoyable activities. If you visit a museum when there are fewer people, you will be able to enjoy the exhibits at your own pace without disturbing or being disturbed by other visitors.

Take a guided tour of the museum

Of course, there are people who like to visit a museum on their own without anyone’s guidance, but others should think about taking a guided tour. Professional guides and curators can provide a lot of useful information about the exhibits and they can tell you something very interesting that you can miss if you stroll around the museum by yourself. Also, if you don’t understand something or you have some questions, you can simply ask your guide. What’s more, listening to your guide takes less time than reading all the descriptions, which gives you more time to go back to the most interesting pieces and spend more time observing and studying them.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure that you know the exact location of the museum and how to get there. You can do that on the internet or at the local tourist information center. Additionally, you can write an email to the museum or make a call to ask for more information.