How to promote museums in the digital age

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Museums are the pillars of history and culture. They hold many unique objects dating back to the first civilizations. Just looking at a picture can take us back through history and seeing old weapons and everyday household objects let us imagine what life used to be like. Of course, there are museums that store entirely different things such as cars or neon signs. There are medical museums that exhibit preserved body parts, ramen museums and so on. 

Unfortunately, people sometimes forget the value of these things and don’t visit museums as often as they should or even at all. Can museums attract more people nowadays?

Embrace the digital age

Technology has undoubtedly become part of modern life and it is crucial that museums embrace it. One way to do this is to create an app that has all the pieces with their descriptions exhibited at a museum. Additionally, the app can have a map of the museum so when the visitors walk around they can find the piece they are interested in or some additional information on their smartphone. Furthermore, museums can create a social media account where they can post information about upcoming events or exhibitions and invite people to share that. A museum can even make discount codes and coupons to attract people to buy their tickets online.

Encourage visitors to take pictures

Many people like to share their photos on social media and this can be used to promote museums even more. One idea is to hold an exhibition that has a special place for taking selfies or some cool objects that can encourage people to take pictures with them and post them on social media, such as Instagram. People who see those photos may get curious about what the exhibition looks like and wish to visit the museum themselves.

Create unique exhibitions

One of the most important things about museums nowadays is that they have to be flexible in order to attract new audiences. For example, some people may prefer science exhibitions while others may like to see some academic texts, old history books, or famous poetry through the years. The point is that museums need to have different exhibitions and events in order to attract larger crowds and frequent visitors. 

When not sure whether people will like an exhibition, museums can create an event on Facebook, for example, and see people’s reactions to it. Then they can modify the exhibition to make sure that a lot of people will want to see it.

Find creative ways to inform people about upcoming events

Apart from the traditional ways of informing people about an upcoming exhibition, museums can use other ways to reach more people. One way is to ask some popular Youtuber or an influencer on Instagram to promote the exhibition by taking some photos or making a video of the exhibition and sharing them online. A lot of people will see them and be intrigued. Other marketing forms include leaflets, brochures, and travel magazines. These can be given to the visitors when leaving the museum as they may pass them on to their friends and talk more about their experience at the museum. Their friends may get interested in visiting the museum and continue spreading information about the exhibition.

It is important to be innovative and think outside the box and the number of visitors is sure to increase.