How to Take a Virtual Tour of Paris’ Louvre?

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There are more ways in which you could use the internet to learn and get to know the world. Why not visit the Louvre online? Not, not the site, but the actual Louvre, in virtual reality? Here is how you can explore the Louvre virtually.

Louvre VR Tours

The Louvre is one of the world’s most famous museums and with its glass pyramid entrance, is one of the most iconic museums. It is also a museum which is happy to invest into virtual reality technology and technology in general, to show the world that they are getting with the times.

With their virtual tours, they strive to teach the world about history and culture, art and politics, using the internet. Here are the virtual tours which you can currently explore online.

Traveling Materials and Objects

The Louvre focuses on various objects such as precious stones, lapis, trades and exchanges, all of which take place through history, from ancient periods to almost current ones. Follow the artifacts, precious stones and other materials as they get traded from one part of the world to another.

The Advent of the Artist

This tour has a rather interesting name and as such, you can expect it to be very interesting. It is, though perhaps not for people who don’t care about art, but are rather interested in the political history of a nation.

This tour focuses on art from around the 5th century up until more modern names from the 20th century. Learn about art and how it evolved, how artists evolved and how art fit into the political and cultural background of each period of history.

The Body in Movement

Performance art is relatively novel, however, works that depict people performing are not that new. From Greek statues which represent Olympic athletes, to all sorts of works that represent people in motion, there are many pieces of art that depict the human body in motion. This tour, specifically, focuses on dancing.

Founding Myths

This tour is actually called Founding Myths, from Heracles to Darth Vader. The name itself should tell you everything you need to know about the tour. It focuses on mythology, how myths are created and the role that they play in our world, throughout history, of course. 

These are some of the virtual tours that you can take of the Louvre, right now. You just need a browser!