Las Vegas – a place where knowledge and fun come together

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We’ve all heard about how great casinos in Las Vegas are, but does the city have something more to offer? Of course, it does! I mean, after all, we have casinos online as well where we can find Mohegan Sun bonus code and other amazing offers. If you didn’t know, the city of Las Vegas is full of different museums that are sure to hold your attention and blow your mind. Get ready to add these places to your must-visit list when you go to this beautiful city.

The Mob Museum

Officially known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, this museum tells a story about how Las Vegas was once a city ruled by gangs and criminals and how the FBI managed to restore order. The museum exhibits quite interesting objects, such as weapons, an electric chair, and a gas chamber. In addition, you can take part in a mob trial in a real courtroom.

The Neon Museum

When you think of Las Vegas, what surely comes to mind are big and flashing neon signs. In fact, neon signs are so special to Las Vegas that there is a museum dedicated to them. The Neon Museum collects old neon signs that have been disposed of and keeps them in the so-called neon boneyard park. The neon signs are divided into four sections: businesses, motels, Downtown, and Strip. Before visiting this museum, make sure that you check the weather forecast as the neon boneyard is outdoors and you don’t want your visit to be spoiled by bad weather.

Hollywood Cars Museum

This museum is perfect for all car enthusiasts who’d just love to see the original cars from Hollywood movies. This museum features almost 100 cars including the original cars from The Fast and The Furious movies as well as the Batmobile from the movie Batman Returns. What’s more, it is possible to drive the Batmobile! In addition, you can see Liberace’s famous yellow cab and Rolls Royce. If you didn’t know, Liberace was the first pianist to use cars in his performances.

The Erotic Heritage Museum

As its name suggests, this museum is quite unique and intriguing. It houses a large collection of erotic photos and literary works. One of its purposes is to educate people about sexuality and encourage them to talk about such topics more openly.

The Springs Preserve

If you’re an outdoor person, this one is perfect for you. The Springs Preserve offers a chance to go hiking and exploring nature and visit two amazing museums. One of them is the Nevada State museum that features fossils and various other exhibits, while the other is the Origen museum famous for its flash flood exhibit. There is also a train that can take you to Boomtown 1905, a permanent exhibit which shows what Las Vegas used to be like more than a century ago.

The Pinball Hall of Fame

This is another unique museum in Las Vegas that features pinball machines. Of course, you can play pinball at the museum as well as numerous other games. Entrance is free, but you can donate some money to charity.