Mobile apps and museums – a good combination or not?

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Technology is constantly evolving and becoming more and more part of our daily routine. New apps come out every day and more and more people make use of them to do all sorts of things, from communicating to shopping and searching for US casino bonus codes. When it comes to museums, apps can be used in numerous ways to attract more visitors and improve their experience at the museum.

Informative and user-friendly maps

Firstly, a museum app should have a detailed but clear map of all the display rooms, exhibitions, and objects. It should be updated regularly as visitors don’t want to have outdated information. What’s more, the app should allow users to make personal accounts which can help them mark what they want to see on the map and find it more easily when visiting the museum. The app could enable users to add objects or exhibitions to their favorites and write recommendations which can help other visitors find their way around the museum more easily. Visiting big museums takes time, so some visitors will definitely appreciate more information about what they can see at the museum and how to do that more quickly.


Another really important thing is to include various languages in the app. Although many museums offer information and audio guides in different languages, it is not possible to provide translations for absolutely all visitors so a multilingual app can be of great help. For example, the app could enable users to take a picture of an object’s description and get a translation of it in their preferred language. This can greatly improve visitors’ experience and attract even more people, especially those who don’t speak foreign languages.

Different accounts

The app can also offer different types of accounts such as a regular account and a premium account that you pay for each month. A premium account can give visitors additional information about some objects, or maybe include a quiz so when they get all the questions right, they can get a discount or a gift. It is important to make the app fun, interactive, and appealing in order to attract and please different crowds. Furthermore, the premium account is a very good option for some people that can’t go to the museum but want to get informed about what the museum has to offer.  

Practical info about the museum

Of course, the app should include practical information about the museum, such as opening hours, upcoming events and exhibitions, curators, prices and discounts. Moreover, the app could provide help with finding transportation to the museum or finding parking lots.

Think about children

We should not forget the youngest visitors as they have a great influence on their parents’ decisions. A museum app could include some interactive games for children that can help them understand the importance of the pieces at the museum or just help them have a pleasurable experience and get them to like museums. If they get a feeling that a museum is a fun place, they will want to come back or visit other museums.

Advertise the app

Finally, it is important to advertise the app so more people can hear about it and try it out. Social media are a great way to promote apps for sure. For example, a popular Youtuber or an influencer could promote the app and let people know about all the features it offers to improve museum experience. This can help both frequent museum-goers and those people who are not so much into visiting museums. When people see how interesting and fun a visit to a museum can be, they will want to have such an experience themselves.