Top Asian Museums You Have to Visit

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Traveling is one of the top activities people are missing in the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, the situation will soon change for the better, and we will be able to explore the beauty of the world. If you plan to visit the Asian continent and check out some of the most famous museums in this part of the world, here are some of the options you have. Check them out.

National Museum in Manila, Philippines

The Philippines are one of the world’s most popular vacation locations, and if Manila is on your checklist, you should definitely visit the National Museum. The National Museum in Manila will take you on a journey through the cultural and natural history of the Philippines. Even if you cannot travel, you can still have a virtual tour of the National Museum’s National Art Gallery online.

Presidential Museum and Library in Manila, Philippines

And if you are already in Manila, you don’t want to miss this one. You can learn in the Presidential Museum and Library some exciting facts about Filipino history and heritage. The museum is located at the Kalayaan Hall in Malacañan Palace and holds some fantastic artwork such as sculptures and portraits, and souvenirs from Philippines political history. And just like with the National Museum, this one also offers an online virtual tour to its guests.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea

MMCA in South Korea is yet another great museum you should visit while in Asia. It is filled with local art and culture, but also modern Korean art. Anyone visiting will have a unique cultural experience. The museum has four branches in Deoksugung, Gwacheon, Cheongju, and Seoul. Opened in 2013, Seoul is located in the heart of the city, and it showcases global contemporary art. Of course, during the lockdowns and strict social distancing measures, you can visit this museum online.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok, Thailand

If you want to learn more about Thai art and culture, the best way to do that is by visiting Thailand. But to truly understand the culture, you will need to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok, Thailand. This museum showcases this country’s rich history through painting, sculptures, and other art forms created by some of the most famous Thai artists.

The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma in Takasaki, Japan

The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma was established in 1974 in Japan, and it is one of the most interesting places you can visit while in this part of the world. It showcases modern Japanese art, contemporary art, textile, modern Western art, and more. You will be able to see pieces from popular artists such as Claude Monet and Edvard Munch and some of the local artists such as Yamaguchi Kaoru, Fukuzawa Ichiro, and Tsuruoka Masao.