VR Museum Tours Around the World

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Virtual reality technology has progressed in the past decade, from what was once pixelated graphics, to what is today an amazing viewing experience, for movies, shows, video games and even tours. There are many ways to implement virtual reality technology and games are but one of them, most known to casual consumers. Virtual reality is used for anything, even sports betting and casinos. While you can go Cricket Betting online, but not in VR, you can actually enter VR casinos and play roulette.

What is even better, one can use VR to travel the world and experience some of the world’s history and culture. Virtual reality museum tours are available and can be explored at one’s will. Here are the best VR museum tours.

The Peacock Room

James McNeill Whistler was a renowned American artist. He is known for his amazing interior design and the Peacock Room is quite the trip, even in VR. It is an astounding experience and it marks a transatlantic journey from England to America, ending at the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art. Google offers this experience, as well as a plethora of others, from prison islands to the construction of the Statue of Liberty.

National Museum of Natural History

The name is a mouthful for most people, but this museum is packed with things which you will want to see.

Located in Washington, it is one of the must-visit museums if one is in the United States. Since travel is a bit difficult at the moment, VR tours are a great replacement.

It uses Web VR, which means that any headset and any browser that supports VR will be usable. They offer a tour of their premises, anything from dinosaurs to sea life, geology and more. It is a great tour if you prefer a more scientific outlook on things, rather than cultural.

National Museum of Iraq

Google offers such a great variety of museums to visit, and this is one of them. Due to the location, many people might never get the chance to see the National Museum of Iraq. Being a museum and belonging to one of the most interesting cultures of our time, this one offers some history and culture lessons which you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

A virtual teacher accompanies you on the tour, teaching about the exhibits you see, which date back to ancient Mesopotamia, one of the cradles of culture and science.

The Louvre

YouVisit is one of those sites that offers VR tours of multiple locations and the Louvre is just one of them. It is a rather famous museum that holds many of the world’s most interesting exhibits. Visiting it is a bit problematic if one would like to travel today, but it is still doable. When you do not want to travel, a VR tour through YouVisit is a good alternative. There are plenty of rooms at your disposal, with multiple images, showing the areas from multiple angles. It might not be the most prestigious tour, but considering what you get to see, it is still a remarkable experience.

There are plenty of museums one can visit in VR, these being a few of them. There are high quality scans and pictures of various popular and huge museums all over the world. Just search for the one you are interested in and you can take a trip down history or culture lane, from your own bed.